new found treasures

i will come back for these....sleep dy

so far yet so near......

this picture sums up my feeling in this moment......
sometimes you look at the sky...
and thinks: this is so far yet so near....
it is beyond reach, however, somehow
just could feel that i can grasp that
i can
is it faith or pure imagination?
sometimes the predicted becomes unpredictable
the unpredictable seems to be affirmed
surprises upon suspenses
i believe that everything is Your amazing works of Your Hand
it is as if you are saying:
my plan is higher than your plan....
when you suffer, you suffer with me
count it a blessing when you despair
i shall be with you when you are down
i know i had to be strong
but, there is just that little girl in me
can you please take her away from me...
i don't want to listen to her whimpering and wimps....
i want You, Your Voice and assurance
God, take me......
take me into Your arms
Give me rest and peace
Let me see the vision for my cg, sheeps, family, church and ministry
You know that i never grumble for the hard works
Because i know that it has always been You, doing all these
Recently, i awaken at odd hours at dawn, is it You talking to me, or am i anxious or i had the urge to pray for issues....????
I had a dream that made me afraid. As i was laying on my bed, the images and visions that passed through my mind terrified me.
Daniel 4: 5

Spiritual Gifts (family)

(1) Angie's result

(2) Karen's result

(3) Mum's result

Bleeding heart........

Is this how your heart looks like?
pierced, broken, cracked, bounded, wounded........
we would try our best to fix it....
with band-aid, sew it...
broken is broken
keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding....
The Lord is close to the broken hearted
and saved those who are crushed in spirit
Psalm 34: 18
Are you broken hearted
or crushed?
Praise be to the Lord
we are now closest to him
Dear God,
Draw me close to you. As i am crying in the dark. Comtemplating on how lonely i am. Be with me. In Jesus's name we pray, amen.

Pull me out....

i wish i could really say such statement
sometimes, i felt like i am treadding on two parallel lines
left foot on one, right foot on another one
would this be considered as double life?
this is like suppressing or repressing...
at least i have you, blog that i can pour out....
Dear God,
i am really struggling between these 2 personalities
or perhaps a new life in You and a past life that keep pulling me back
there is 2 forces working here, the power of the cross and the desire to be ME
i don't want ME, i want You in my life
Help me to break this
Jesus, pull me out. Amen.
i cried out to Him with my mouth,
his praise was on my tongue,
if i had cherished sin in my heart,
the Lord would not have listened,
but God has surely listened,
and heard my voice in prayer.
Psalm 66: 17-19


i have learnt an important lesson
sometimes, i need to fight against natural yearning
it is that tugging feeling that i have to do it before it is too late
sometimes things are meant to be let go and let it be
i made that stupid mistake
and i suffered for the night
and i am much better and wiser now
thinking back, i just could not believe how turmoil ly i was
how funny it is, reflecting back
i am not going to look back
look to the front, and keep marching, angie....
thats it...
Dear God,
I am the weakest when i think i am strong
i become stronger as i grow weak
because i depend on you
my tower of strength and refuge
sometimes, i just need a hug
and You gave me a big one.
Thanks Jesus.

meant something (move on)

it meant a lot to know that i at least meant something to you....

it means a lot when.....
you look back at me
you make me angry
make me jealous....

it is confusing to consider whether to be angry or touched...

i am simply a person who could let go of anything
that God does not allow or not in His Will

cause everyone needs to move on....

suddenly felt like crying....
feeling so stupid...

however, i will move on
just as you did too....

Dear God,
Sometimes it is so hard to have something that just slipped through,
and i realised nothing that i have is really mine
It is by Your Grace that i have my family
and to be able to serve Your People and Your house.
I love you..
In Jesus 's name.


And i found these babes online.
where sharing is loving.
definite in love.
i found my passion (birds) i love birds!
these bloggers are like sisters to me....



creative ideas for easter

creativity is a driving force

super cute....blogs

Again i am fanatic of the DIY s of the blogsphere
there are so many creative and unbelivably fantastic/fanatics out there
i mean they have to be so crazy to be so creative

i am going to dig my nails into these DIY works
i will be so busy.....
i want to buy a sewing machine

Hopefully i could post some of my handicrafts here

Here are some blogs you could check out that




one of my best friends is getting married soon
when i last saw her a few months ago
during one of my friend's wedding
we had discussed on the dress theme for her wedding
and it is purple
and i bought one purple wrap jacket

i received a message from her saying
it will be agogo style (60's)
with the mini dress, hair band and black stockings

whoo.....what a hectic .....
and well
she is the queen
i shall go with the flow

and thus
i am so enthusiastic with wedding blogs

i am so impressed

check this out......

(1) Martha Stewart (Wedding)





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